Amazon Career - Warehouse Worker (10 Hours Shifts) - Immediate Hiring! (Hiring Immediately)

Chicago, IL
Posted: 2021-10-18

Shifts: Overnight, Sunrise, Day, Evening, Weekend

Location: Job opportunities vary by location. We update postings daily with open positions.

Immediate openings are available now.

Become a part of the dedicated team that gets orders ready for people relying on Amazon's service. From flexible part-time roles to full-time set schedules with health care benefits, Amazon jobs have a variety.

Amazon jobs remain open as an essential business to serve our communities delivering critical supplies directly to the doorsteps of people who need them. Candidates must be 18 years or older with the ability to read and speak English for safety.

Reasons you'll love working here:

Health and safety are a top priority with all of our roles and sites. We consult with medical and health experts and take all recommended precautions in our buildings and stores to keep people healthy.

  • Earn more: You can expect a competitive wage and reliable paycheck when you work for Amazon.
  • Career development: Many of our entry-level employees become leaders in operations, HR, and other areas. See where your Amazon journey can take you.
  • Benefits: Our range of benefits can include health care starting on day one, employee discounts, 401(k) savings plans, paid time off, and more.
  • Stay active: You'll be on the move for your whole shift in our fast-paced environments.

Amazon is hiring for the following types of roles in your area:

DELIVERY STATIONS- 's delivery stations are the final stop before an order heads out for delivery to the customers’ door. In Amazon Delivery Driver jobs, you sort packages into delivery routes. To ensure we meet customer-promised delivery times, shift times will vary. Depending on your location, you'll work a set schedule with hours that range between full-time and part-time.

PRIME NOW WAREHOUSES- Prime Now is Amazon's super-fast (2 hours or less) delivery service. Enjoy the thrill of working with a small team to select and pack orders and get items ready for delivery in an hour. Since orders may include fresh and frozen items, they can be cool in the warehouse. If you need flexibility in your schedule, this Amazon job allows you to choose from available shifts each week to create your own: flexible hours, a reliable pay rate, and no surprises.

WHOLE FOODS SHOPPERS- Prime Now offers shopping services from Whole Foods Market, so customers can order online and have items delivered in under two hours. As a Shopper, you'll work in a grocery store setting at Whole Foods, locating and carefully selecting items and packaging them for delivery. If you need flexibility in your schedule, this job allows you to choose from available shifts each week to create your own: flexible hours, a reliable pay rate, and no surprises.

AMAZON FRESH WAREHOUSES (2 Hour or Less Delivery)- a part of Amazon's super-fast (2 hours or less) delivery service. We offer fresh, frozen, and packaged groceries, so you'll work in varying climates from room temperature to freezer environments. We will provide you with the right gear to stay warm during the colder parts of your shift. If you need flexibility in your schedule, this job allows you to choose from available shifts each week to create your own: flexible hours, a reliable pay rate, and no surprises.

Full-time and part-time roles with set schedules may also be available.

Basic qualifications:

  • High school, GED, or equivalent diploma, and Candidates must be 18 years or older.

Amazon’s workforce is committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace. Amazon jobs are equal opportunity employers and do not discriminate based on race, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, protected veteran status, disability, age, or legally protected status.


1)Do Amazon warehouse workers get raises?

Yes, absolutely. Amazon workforce who pack and ship orders and look after them daily get raises in their salaries. They are also the ones who work in the sorting centers and other facilities. It's Amazon's strategy to give a pay rise to get a hike in hiring more workers. Amazon raised wages by 50% and $3 an hour for more than half a million operations employees. Moreover, Amazon is planning a new $17 pay for another 75000 new hires in warehousing and logistics this year.

Costco is one of the examples of which has recently raised its minimum wage to $16 an hour. Apply now.

2)Why can’t Amazon warehouse workers have their cell phone with them while working?

Amazon warehouse workers usually deal with merchandise, and the company does not want to leak any third-party information. Amazon does not want workers to deal with stealing of the smartphones from their warehouse by sticking them in their pockets and walking off with them. So, to protect the dignity of the company and the Amazon workforce, the company does not allow the usage of cellphones while working. Part of it deals with the productivity of amazon warehouse Associates, and part of it is an anti-theft solution.

3)How well are Amazon warehouse workers treated?

Well, the answer to this particular question depends upon the individual experience. Because a coin has two sides, the same is the case with the affairs of different people. As an Amazon warehouse worker, if you will do your duties timely with proper dedication, the company will indeed treat you well. But, if you do not work hard, then the company cannot do anything about that. Because everything demands hard work, it is as simple as that. If you work hard, it’ll pay off. But if you don’t give a damn about anything, then it’s your fault. Apply now to become an Amazon Warehouse worker.

4)Why don’t Amazon warehouse workers use rollerblades?

Amazon warehouse workers don’t use rollerblades because they are unsafe to use, plus their injuries cost the company more money. And it’s not possible to climb on ladders, putting little parcels in different places. It’s a safety issue as well. There are way too many trip hazards, workstations and totes to knock into, railing you can flip over, etc. Moreover, some folks in the Amazon warehouse can use them for doing specific tasks, but not everyone has that authority. Apply now to get hired.

5)Why does Amazon run a drug test for its warehouse workers?

Amazon warehouse associates often use machinery such as forklifts to move parcels from one state to another. Some drugs can impair a person’s ability to operate these machines safely, through which people can get easily hurt or killed. So, people using these machines mustn’t have their senses altered in any way to allow a safe working environment. On-site testing makes it clear to the employer that its employees are not impaired. Because cheating in the test environment is not easy, and it’s pretty standard at workplaces. Apply now.


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