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Brooklyn, NY
Posted: 2021-10-18

Grab the opportunity to explore your city along with decent pay. All you need is a vehicle and smartphone! No prior experience!! Huge openings are available for the position of Dashers(delivery driver) at DoorDash!!! Apply now!

DoorDash is one of the leading food delivery companies that are available in over 4,000 cities in the US, Canada, and Australia. Doordash acts as a bridge between people and local restaurants and offers delivery service for restaurants.

The delivery drivers of DoorDash are Known as Dashers. Customers order meals and other food items from their favorite local merchants and Dashers deliver them directly to their doors.


1) What are the responsibilities of a Doordash Driver?

As a DoorDash delivery driver, you are responsible to fulfill the cravings of hungry stomachs by accepting the orders from the customers and pick up the ordered food materials from the local restaurants and deliver the orders to the customer's doorsteps.

2) Why choose DoorDash?

If you love working on your schedules without any supervision then this is a perfect job for you. No Boss, no passengers, just you!!!

Flexible work schedules, freedom to accept or reject the orders, and decent pay make DoorDash unique.

3) How can I become a dasher at DoorDash?

There are a couple of requirements you must satisfy to work with Doordash:

  • Must be above 18 years old.
  • A smartphone either iOS or Android.
  • Must own a vehicle either a 2 wheeler or 4 wheeler.
  • Clean driving record.
  • Valid driving license.
  • Effective communication skills.
  • Great time management skills are highly appreciated.
  • 5) Can I work as a delivery partner with Doordash without any work experience?

    It is not mandatory to have the experience to work with DoorDash, you can work with DoorDash without any experience. But if you have any previous experience it will be a Trump card.

    6) What is the pay structure at DoorDash?

    The total earnings are calculated by the sum of the base pay, promotions, and tips.
    Your earnings depend on the distance traveled, time taken to deliver the orders, and location.

    7) How does Doordash work?

    Doordash allows drivers to connect with the orders that were ordered in their local area. It’s very easy to work with Doordash, You DO NOT NEED the EXPERIENCE to become a dasher. As a dasher, You just need your smartphone and vehicle to begin!

    Dashers just need to turn on their mobile application Dasher, and then they will be connected to the restaurants and can start picking up their order right away. You will be receiving the information about the order on the mobile phone.


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