Amazon Career - Order Filler - Warehouse Job Openings Near Me! (Hiring Immediately)

Brooklyn, NY
Posted: 2021-10-18

Are you tired of looking at the normal delivery and shopper jobs? Are you looking at something more interesting than just delivering products to customers? Are you a nit-picker? Don’t feel guilty about it. Work at the Amazon Warehouse in the Order Fulfillment Team and ensure the best quality of orders by being nit-picky and careful.

About Amazon

The Amazon Company was launched in 1994, primarily as a book-selling company. It developed and expanded its reach, now covering retail services, cloud services, and even digital streaming. The company has seen exponential growth, and now has its own digital gadgets such as the Fire TV and the Kindle e-book reader.

Amazon is now hiring new employees for its warehouse operational team to be a part of the order fulfillment team. The job doesn’t require any mandatory previous experience and can be done in flexible work schedules.

Amazon Order Fulfillment Team

The Amazon order fulfillment team is the backbone of the Amazon company. The team members responsible for the order fulfillment are expected to understand work orders, keeping track of the stocks, and collecting items for shipments. The employees work in the warehouse setting, offloading merchandise trucks, overseeing stock deliveries, and collecting and packing goods for shipment.

Members of the order fulfillment team are also required to carry out some physical tasks including lifting heavy goods and operating machinery such as forklifts, pallet jackets, etc.

Duties of the Amazon Order Fulfillment Members

The employees hired for the positions of the order fulfillment team members can work according to flexible schedules at their convenience. The team members can work on weekends, late nights, early morning shifts or render part-time or full-time services. The essential services that an Amazon Order Fulfillment team member is expected to offer are -

  • Understand and keep track of customer orders
  • Handle these orders according to the set rules and regulations
  • Identify the ordered goods in the storage area
  • Send the orders to the predetermined area for verification
  • Verify the products to ensure they’re of the best quality
  • Pack the ordered items systematically
  • Keep regular records of the collected and packed orders in the Amazon Order database
  • Upload all the packed orders in the delivery vehicles
  • Ensure all the safety measures are followed while uploading the orders
  • Maintain a healthy, hygienic, and tidy warehouse setting by following the protocols
  • Ensure customer privacy at all times
  • Examine the conditions of the returned goods
  • Pull these goods out for sorting and reselling
  • How to be a part of the Amazon Order Fulfillment Team

    Although the job of an order fulfillment team member doesn’t need any previous experience, the job has certain requirements which applicants need to meet to be eligible.

  • Minimum age of 18 years
  • A high school or any other equivalent diploma
  • Ability to lift heavy objects in the warehouse
  • Knowledge of the warehouse tools is preferred but not compulsory
  • Good communication skills
  • Good time management and organizational skills
  • Cooperative and positive attitude towards team members and teamwork
  • Apply now to be a part of a healthy and dynamic work setting, learning new skills and developing your career with a highly reputed company like Amazon.


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