Instacart Shopper - Now Hiring (Car Required)

Dallas, TX
Posted: 2021-06-22

Looking for some temporary work to earn in your free time? Instacart is NOW HIRING!! Sign up to be an Instacart Shopper Delivery Driver today!

Instacart is an online grocery shopper and delivery service. Using the Instacart App, customers can tick off “grocery shopping” with a tap of a button from the comfort of their own homes. Instacart shoppers receive a customer’s list of items, they shop for them and delivers the groceries to their doorstep. The list can range from meat and dairy products to home improvement items and beauty products.


1) What is the role of an Instacart shopper?

Instacart offers two types of shopper positions, ‘In-store shopper’ and ‘full-service shopper’.

Unlike an In-store shopper, a full-service shopper SHOPS AND DELIVERS a customer’s order. A full-service shopper or a shopper delivery driver earns on every order they complete.

2) What are the responsibilities of a full-service shopper?

As a shopper, you earn by shopping!! The more you shop the more you earn. You can pick and choose which orders you want to accept. Once you accept the order you drive to the nearest store or the specified store and you shop. Once you have collected all the items you load the bags in your car and drive to the customer's address to complete the delivery.

3) What if I can’t find the items ordered?

Shoppers can stay in touch with customers to notify them of the status of their shopping. If they are delayed, if the store specified happens to be closed or if they just have a question.

If an item seems to be out of stock you can message the customer letting them know and if you need to suggest a replacement you can check with them.

4) Does the shopper pay for the groceries at the store?

No, every shopper is given a company card which they use to pay for every order they accept. They DO NOT PAY for the groceries themselves.

5) How does an Instacart Shopper earn?

A shopper earns on every order that is shopped for and delivered. The base pay varies depending on each order such as the number of items, location and distance, the effort required, and other variables. The more you shop, the more you earn. Your earnings for each order are transferred to the bank account provided as well as 100% of all tips. Which you can track daily directly from the app.

6) How do I sign up to be an Instacart shopper?

To sign up, just log on to the Instacart website or download the App, click on sign up and fill in all your personal information and provide all the required documentation. Once that is complete, please consent to a quick background check and in a few days, you will be notified about your activated account.

7) What are the basic requirements to become an Instacart shopper?

A Shopper does not need any specific qualifications or prior experience.

All you need is to be at least 18 so you can provide a valid driver’s license and insurance in your name. You should also have your working vehicle and smartphone.

You need to have the appropriate bags to carry the groceries. Instacart has a couple of pre-approved bags that you can buy. Also, groceries tend to be heavy so it would help if you can carry at least 30 pounds/13 kilograms.

If you are looking for easy extra pay with work that offers complete flexibility, sign up to be an Instacart Shopper Delivery Driver. They are hiring immediately!!


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